Video 48

Video 48 is the first video center to deal with the complex situation of Palestinians living in Israel. At last we shall be able to show that situation, as well as verbalize it.

As Palestinians in Israel, we suffer from unique problems of discrimination and numerous internal contradictions. Here are just a few: Surrounded by a first-world economy, we live, in many respects, in a third-world reality. Our social base and traditions are agrarian, yet today we must live as commuting day laborers. Whereas in 1947 we owned 43% of the land in the area that was to become the State of Israel (not counting the 50% that was "state land"), today - after massive confiscations - we own 3. 5%. With no place to build housing for our expanding population, we are fighting ongoing attempts to confiscate the little that is left. We are segregated from Jewish localities. Our official educational system (directed by the Israeli Ministry of Education) prevents us from matching up to Jewish standards. If we finally make it to the university, we are barred from most jobs in hi-tech, which has the leading edge in the country's economy. We are barred from any field which is either security-oriented or has logistical importance (electricity and communications, for example). The lack of prospects results in low motivation. We are overwhelmingly working - class, but the national trade union, the Histadrut, ignores us completely.

Our reality needs to be shown. Our deteriorating conditions have to be documented. It is one thing to say that the Jewish city of Carmiel is expanding onto the lands of the neighboring Arab villages, but this fact makes its proper impact only when you can see it happening on the ground!