Challenge 72 - In This Issue

ISRAEL'S BRUTALITY in the Territories has become a two-edged sword, both edges pointing against itself. The more its army hits the Palestinians, the more it fuels their resistance. And now state-sponsored brutality has begun to send shock waves back into Israeli society. We have devoted three pieces to this topic:

More than 250 reserve officers have published a letter, refusing to serve any longer in the Occupied Territories. Our editorial weighs the significance of this taboo-breaking epistle, but it also listens Beyond the Officers' Letter to more radical voices. Among them are voices of popular singers who came out, risking their careers, for a 600-strong Marathon of Solidarity With Army Refusers, organized by the Forum to Support Conscientious Objectors.

Older voices too are heard. Israel's Left has at last begun Making Its Own Little Intifadas: for unilateral separation, or for resurrecting Oslo, or for shoring up Yasser Arafat…

…who as we write is still confined to Ramallah. He epitomizes the strange contradiction at the heart of the conflict. Israel couldn't hold on to the Territories, but didn't want to let them go. The result? Our Man in Ramallah.

"Back to the Building Sites!" is the name of WAC's new public campaign to fight unemployment. In A Job to Win, we see how WAC Confronts The Building Contractors in order to reclaim Arab jobs.

Unemployment is but one of the explosive problems facing the Arab sector. In A World Apart, we explore The Crisis in Arab Education, which may spark yet another Intifada inside Israel.

From his vantage point in New York, artist Meir Gal has been a keen-eyed critic of the Zionist establishment. In The Art of Crime he talks to Challenge about his view of the Israeli psyche.