Challenge 52 - In This Issue

  • The summit at the Wye Plantation will not be remembered for its paltry 13 percent solution, writes Yakov Ben Efrat, but rather for new and Dangerous Liaisons.
  • As PA leaders get closer to America's table, the Palestinian refugees sink toward oblivion. Asma Agbarieh visited the camps in Jordan. She met refugees who lived through the hells of 1948 and 1967 and of Black September 1970. After the peace treaty with Israel, they still insist on their right of return, saying No to Jordanization.
  • Tujan Faisal, the only woman to have served in Jordan's parliament, teaches us something about Courage in Amman.
  • Asaf Adiv and Michal Schwartz look into the motives behind a brilliant police action called OAF (Operation Ancient Furniture), in which Israel's best and brightest met the Arab youth of Um al- Fahem - Mother of Charcoal, and got their faces tarnished.
  • In the Galilean village of Majd al-Krum, Samya Nasser is running against the kinship clans for a seat in the forthcoming municipal election there. The only woman heading a slate in the entire Arab sector, Nasser epitomizes Alternative Leadership.
  • Stephen Langfur stalked the Shades of Nimrod in the Israel Museum, coming up with a thought or two On Israeli Art and Identity.
  • We end with Part Two of an ODA study entitled The Hidden Economic Logic of Oslo.