Sindyanna of Galilee has reached Japan

Sindyanna of Galilee produces organic olive oil which is now available in shops in Sendai, Japan. The Japanese importer, known as The Palestine Olive Group, has had great success with the oil. Masayaki Ishikawa, who is a member of the group, visited our project in the Galilee in August. They have requested an order for 1999 four times bigger than last year.

If you have ideas or good contacts to widen sales of the oil, please write to our email, fax or address.

Samya Nasser Participates in the Know-How Conference in Amsterdam

Samya Nasser, the manager of al-Baqa center participated in the Know How Conference in Amsterdam between August 22-27. Nasser, who runs a Mothers' School in the center, was part of a five-women panel and spoke about the project to forty participants of the workshop. Overall, 300 women were at the conference from 23 countries. The main theme was Women and Communication.

Partners: Samya Nasser (right) with delegates from India and Sudan.
Other news:

We have received three donations as part of our Twinning Subscriber project for institutions who can't afford the fee. Seven other institutions still need your support.

The Sawaf family, featured in Challenge #41, has received a court order to vacate their Jaffa home on September 10. The Housing Advice Team (HAT) is formulating a solidarity campaign to help the Sawafs.