Challenge 51 - In This Issue

  • Five years after Oslo, Three leaders chase an irrelevant peace. Yakov Ben Efrat is hot on their trail while they search for a cure-all to their domestic ills. As the US-touted New World Order disintegrates, Netanyahu, Clinton and Arafat all look more beleaguered than ever.
  • The last of this sorry trio has formed a new government - Corrupt but loyal - in a shameless declaration that the Palestinian Authority stands for graft and sleaziness.
  • Wise old Abu Tayeb tries hard to understand the peculiar logic behind this Hungry Revolution whose ministers take, take, take.
  • Khalid Amayreh enters the glamorous world of high-stakes gambling and watches a game of Jericho Roulette as a wave of PA-imposed liberalization sweeps the West Bank.
  • Recovering from the bright neon lights, Amayreh adjusts his focus and ponders The racial differences between Israel and Arab with regard to the problem of thirst.
  • Further north, the Workers Advice Center reveals that Arab racism in galilee against West Bank and Jordanian workers.
  • Three hundred children attended WAC's Summer Camps in Majd al-Krum and Jaffa. Roni Ben Efrat tells the tale of one day and a photo montage captures a week of excitement.
  • As a special fifth anniversary treat, we present the first part of an analysis, The hidden economic logic of Oslo

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