Al Baqa Centers Prepare for Summer Camp

"Know Your Homeland" is the theme of our two summer camps 25-30 July. We are proud to add Jaffa to our program, previously carried out in Majd al- Krum only. The preparations involve training at least 30 tutors and preparing a program that will combine recreation with national and progressive content. Last year our summer Camp in Majd al-Krum attracted 200 children. In Jaffa we are aiming for a more modest number. The summer camp will take place in the neighbourhood of Karem a-Dalak, which was slated last summer for eviction. We conducted a huge action of solidarity with the neighbourhood (Challenge # 45 ) and now are strengthening the neighbourhood once again. We have established contact with Jaffan refugees in Balata who will send their grand children to visit their home town and be our guests. The summer camps are under the auspices of the Workers Advice Center and the Mothers' Schools.

Donations are most welcome to: Hanitzotz Publishing House POB 41199, Jaffa 61411, Israel. For tax deductible information contact us at: or: Fax 972-2-6792270 pic cups: Jaffan children. Last year in Majd al-Krum

Challenge Subscription Campaign: Twinning Subscribers

We have addresses of 10 important institutions who would like to get Challenge but do not have a sufficient budget for subscriptions. Here is our proposal: Adopt an institution and we will write and tell you who we twinned you to (if you have any reservations we will offer you a different one). For participating in this project we will send you a Challenge T-Shirt (the sizes we have: EXL, L, M).

We are looking forward for your support Please find a check of for adopting an Institution Name: Address: Tel, Fax, E-mail: The size of T-shirt I want: pic cup: Diana