Challenge 49 - In This Issue

  • Now that the jubilee party is over, Bibi Netanyahu has to roll up the sleeves of his long johns (see Editorial) and get down to business. The Israeli PM is one of several Figures in a London Fog, which is dispelled for us by Ya'akov Ben Efrat. There’s more to the gap between Netanyahu and Arafat, it turns out, than a mere 2%.
  • A more local fog surrounds the death of Hamas Engineer # 2. Roni Ben Efrat and Diana Mardi attempt to penetrate the mystery of Who Killed Muhi A-Din Sharif? Khalid Amayreh of Hebron describes how the PA, fearing disaster at the polls, is pushing Municipal Elections Off the Agenda.
  • Israel's High Court has at last attempted to justify the fact that this country holds Twenty-one Lebanese as Bargaining Chips. By a hitherto secret wave of the judicial wand, abducted nationals of another state, having completed their jail terms, are conveniently re-classified as "administrative detainees." – Roni Ben Efrat reports.
  • In Sumud Camp Transferred, Terry Rempel of Badil gives us an update on Jerusalem's most recent refugees.
  • Want to buy the harbor at Jaffa? It's closed at the moment, but you can purchase it and turn it into hotels. Michal Schwartz writes how Jaffa’s fishermen, like Andromeda of old, are desperately Waiting for Perseus.
  • Samya Nasser visits the unrecognized village Al Sakhali, where three homes were recently demolished, occasioning a Belated Land Day.
  • The Mayday conference of the Workers Advice Center has spawned A New Trade Union, which will at last give Arab workers a voice. The event is covered in Hanitzotz News.