Challenge 48 - In This Issue

  • Since our last Challenge we have been on the verge of a war. In How Saddam Won, Yacov Ben Efrat analyses the shift in the balance of forces, both worldwide and regionally. Roni Ben Efrat ponders the reaction of the "Israeli on the street," who was determined not to be on the street at all, but rather in a sealed room with Gas Masks and Kabbalah. Abu Tayeb is back, trying out various slogans in Solidarity with Saddam. The ODA issued a Statement about the crisis on February 20, published
  • here. In our "Human Rights" section, Daniela Yanai from the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel teams up with Stephen Langfur to bring us a brand of court drama that you will Not find in Switzerland. For the first time, all nine High Court judges convened to consider whether to continue torturing a man. Khaled Amayreh reports from Hebron on Another Death in the prisons of the Palestinian Authority.
  • Assaf Adiv writes about Israel’s March toward Globalization and what that bodes for the poorer, non-marching classes, especially the Arabs in Israel.
  • We also bring you the third and last part in our assessment of the situation Four Years After Oslo. We focus on the crisis among the Arabs in Israel, whose leaders have been co-opted by the Zionist parties. All three parts will soon be brought together as a book.