Challenge 47 - In This Issue

  1. In Challenge # 47 we offer the second essay in a contextual analysis of the situation four years after Oslo. This part focuses on the stresses and strains within the ruptured Goliath called Israel.
  2. In Talking Politics Yacov Ben Efrat shows us Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the role of Tevya's daughters, singing "Map-maker, map-maker, make me a map!"
  3. Michal Schwartz visits a brand new refugee camp in Perseverance, East Jerusalem, c/o Israel, bringing back a story of thousands who are about to lose, or have lost, their right to live in the city of their birth.
  4. We also summarize the legal side of this "quiet deportation," as revealed in a recent report by B'tselem and Hamoked.
  5. Diana Mardi (Piracy or Treason?) goes to the West Bank village of Tzurif, where a rift has opened up between the people and the Palestinian Authority. They claim the PA extradited two of their sons to Israel.
  6. Hebron-based Khaled Amayreh ponders the question, who will succeed Arafat?
  7. Attorney Allegra Pacheco, who has represented many Palestinian political prisoners, takes us into their minds and feelings four years after the release that didn't happen (The Train That Passed Them By).
  8. A famous Israeli prisoner, Mordechai Vanunu, has been locked up in solitary for eleven years. Hadas Lahav reviews Yigal Azrati's new play, "Mr. V", which has received much praise abroad and may even be changing some minds in Israel.
  9. And what would an issue of Challenge be without a nice fat piece of land confiscation? As the year 2000 approaches, the modern Jewish city of Upper Nazareth has reason to celebrate: in addition to all it got in the past, it has just received several thousand acres more from the neighboring Arab villages and from Jesus' own town down below. This is no doubt the Yuletide spirit at work, as you may read in Nazareth: Upstairs, Downstairs. In this heart-warming holiday issue you will also find updates about Ramya's struggle to remain on its land and about the struggle of our journalists to get press cards.

The Challenge staff would like to wish all our subscribers and readers a Happy New Year.