Challenge 47 - Table of Contents

editorial - Who Remembers the Intifada?
talking politics
"Map-maker, map-maker..."-Yacov Ben Efrat
Perseverance, East Jerusalem, c/o Israel -Michal Schwartz
palestinian authority
Piracy or Treason? -Diana Mardi
Who Will Succeed Arafat? - Khalid Amayreh
human rights
The Train That Passed Them By - Allegra Pacheco
Press Cards: Update
theater review
Mr. V, a play by Yigal Ezrati - Hadas Lahav
arab in israel
Nazareth: Upstairs, Downstairs - A. Adiv & W. Badarneh
Four Years After Oslo - Part Two: The Ruptured Goliath
Hanitzotz News