Challenge 46 - In This Issue

  • In Challenge #46 we offer a contextual analysis of the political situation four years after Oslo. This three-part series is the crystallization of discussions within the executive committee of the Organization for Democratic Action (ODA). The first part, published here, is called A Narrowing of Choices.
  • In Talking Politics, Yacov Ben Efrat probes the new American coldness toward Netanyahu but finds no warmth in it for the Palestinians.
  • Abu Tayeb is back with his usual confusions; this time he racks his brains over His Majesty King Hussein.
  • Michal Schwartz brings out the true story behind the Ras al-Amud affair – and the mysterious Palestinian silence that has fallen over it like a rare Jerusalem snow.
  • Assaf Adiv describes the attempts of Acre's new Napoleon, a Mister Harari, to oust the local Arabs. At a symposium Adiv attended on the development of the Galilee, he found the Arabs to be, as usual, invisible.
  • They have become more visible, however, at officially unrecognized Ramya; here the solidarity group has just dedicated a playground while Carmiel’s new high-rises continue to cut away swaths of sky.
  • The PA’s arrest and release of Palestinian journalist Khaled Amayreh provide a showcase example of attempted intimidation.
  • On the Israeli side, our own struggle for press cards continues. Finally, Hadas Lahav reviews a new play in Arabic by Anton Shammas, who responds to her questions in a plain-spoken interview.
  • Sumana Ramanan, who started with us as a volunteer and then became language editor, has gone back to her home in India, much to our sorrow. Ms. Ramanan gave to the magazine unstintingly from her vast reserves of energy, wit and articulate grace. We wish her luck in her new work as a journalist in India.