Challenge 46 - Table of Contents

editorial-Gaza of the North
talking politics
A little Friendly Arm wrestling-Yacov Ben Efrat
From the Insights of Abu Tayeb
Ras al-Amud: Noha al-Gul Fighting Alone-Michal Schwartz
human rights
Journalist Khalid Amayreh Arrested and Released -Testimony
arab in Israel
Acre: The Living City and the Dead- Assaf Adiv
Invisible in Galilee - Assaf Adiv
Hanitzotz News
Solidarity with Ramya-Roni Ben Efrat
Anton Shammas: Reveille in Arabic- Hadas Lahav
Interview With A. Shammas- Hadas Lahav
Four Years After Oslo - ODA position paper
part One: A Narrowing of Choices