No. 45 - In This Issue

  • Ever since the suicide bombings on July 30 in a Jerusalem market, Netanyahu has been exploiting the tragedy as a step towards imposing his interpretation of the final agreement: "Oslo minus." Roni Ben Efrat analyzes his strategy and Arafat’s response. Khalid Amayreh, a reporter from Hebron, looks at the background of the bombings.
  • Diana Mardi reports on an incident that epitomizes the tug-of-war between the two leaders, which is leading to a "lebanonization" of the Occupied Territories.
  • Roni Ben Efrat, Stephen Langfur and Assaf Adiv review a recent report by the Palestinian Legislature on wanton corruption in Arafat’s cabinet.
  • Advocate Allegra Pacheco writes about the hundreds of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel repeatedly without charges or trial. She describes a petition to the High Court by Abed Al-Ahmar, who has been in such "administrative detention" for almost two years.
  • Stephen Langfur reviews a new work on the treatment of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the history textbooks used in Israeli schools. Hadas Lahav reports on a unique summer camp that aims to introduce Palestinian pupils, both from Israel and the Territories, to a heritage their schools are ignoring.
  • Sumana Ramanan follows the Palestinian cross-stitch all the way from Ein Areek to Jerusalem: a veritable ‘Via Dolorosa.’ Finally, we report on Karem a-Dalak, a Jaffa neighborhood slated for renovation, where sixty artists have joined the residents in order to fight the city’s attempt to evict them.