No. 43 - In This Issue

Israel will complete thirty years of occupation on June 6. Beneath the rhetoric of the Oslo process, Israel's occupation continues in a more sophisticated but equally repressive form. An insidious economic system has been developing in the Territories. Michal Schwartz shows how it is linked to a secret bank account in Tel Aviv.

Land and demography remain central to the conflict. Oslo has not kept Israel from continuing its territorial expansion. Sumana Ramanan analyzes the Israeli strategy behind the new Jewish settlement at Jabal Abu Ghneim ("Har Homa" in Hebrew). Jennifer Moorehead criticizes the Palestinian response.

Inside the green line too nothing has changed. A new book by Hanitzotz Publishing House warns of Jewish expansion in Galilee. In a Challenge exclusive, Hadas Lahav exposes murky land sales in Haifa and elsewhere by the Roman Catholic Church.

Forty-nine years ago the struggle over land and demography found brutal expression at a village called Deir Yassin. On the anniversary of the massacre there, we look at its historical significance and describe an initiative to erect a memorial for its victims.

Yacov Ben Efrat analyzes the political fortunes of leaders on both sides as they gear up for the final-status talks. The inimitable Abu Tayeb muses about a place called "Spring Hill," which certain people have recently used as their gateway to heaven.

Finally, in response to a notice in our last issue, a reader asked the government why it has refused press cards to the journalists of Challenge and Al-Sabar. He received an interesting answer.