Challenge 43 - Table of Contents

This Issue
editorial - Two Wounded Bulls in a China Shop
talking politics
Final Status: The Moment of Truth - Yacov Ben Efrat
Good Checkers, Bad Peacemaking - Sumana Ramanan
palestinian authority
Abu Ghneim Becomes Har Homa - Jennifer Moorehead
A Secret Account in Tel Aviv - Michal Schwartz
From the Insights of Abu Tayeb
Deir Yassin Remembered
Transfer or Death - Saleh Abed al-Jawad
arabs in israel
New Book: Judaization in Galilee
Land Deals of the Catholic Church in Galilee - Hadas Lahav
hanitzotz news
Shin Bet Vetoes Press Cards for Challenge Journalists
front cover: Deir Yassin Today, Poster by Khalil Abu Arfah