A Jerusalem Magazine on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In This Issue

The redeployment from Hebron is behind us. Challenge #42 runs a special dossier on this topic: Jessi Roemer gives an eyewitness account, a statement from the ODA emphasizes Arafat's far-reaching betrayal, Assaf Adiv analyzes the support of the Arab leadership for the agreement, and Abu Tayeb asks his usual questions. Roni Ben Efrat looks at how the agreement shatters the right-wing dream of Greater Israel.

On other subjects, a translated article by Benvenisti describes the newly emerging Palestinian bureaucracy, and Sumanna Ramanan interviews Rema Hammami of Birzeit University about Palestinian women today. Diana Mardi follows the continuing expansion of the Seven Stars Plan, focusing on the conflict between Um al-Kutuf and the Jewish settlement of Kharish. Hanitzotz News tells of the distribution of donations to prisoners' families during Ramadan, and of an exhibition on Housing in Jaffa, initiated by the Housing Advice Team of the Jaffa al-Baqa Center.

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