Challenge 42 - Table of Contents

This Issue
Editorial: Between Coercion and Corruption
Talking politics: Next Stop: Syria - Yacov Ben Efrat
Hebron Redeployment: The Festive House of Mourning - Jessi Roemer
ODA Statement: Arafat Accepts a Divided City
The Withering of Greater Israel - Roni Ben Efrat
The Arab Leadership in Disarray - Assaf Adiv
From the Insights of Abu Tayeb
Palestinian Authority
The Camel That Broke the Back of the Straw - M. Benvenisti
Women: Interview With Rema Hammami - Sumana Ramanan
AWMR Resolutions on the Palestinian Question
Arabs in Israel: The Seven Stars Plan in Action - Diana Mardi
Hanitzotz News
Front cover: Eviction of Jahalin, - Khaled Zighari
Back cover: Poster from Exhibition on Jaffa. - Nir Nader